Levantarse e caer

15,00 (galego) IVA INCLUÍDO

There is a place called childhood, in that place we receive the most radical impacts of our existence, those that last over time, those that are reborn when we no longer remembered what had happened, love, injustice, friendship, fear, respect , envy… some hurt and others heal.

Finding the place where they were hidden can be very helpful, then it’s time to relocate, resilience… learn to lose and gain no matter where, relativize success and failure, fall and get up… get up and fall.

Levantarse e caer is a little soundtrack of all that… some lullabies, some songs to vindicate us, others to heal us…


  1. Levantarse e caer
  2. Luchín
  3. Infancia querida
  4. María e a curuxa
  5. O melro azul
  6. Festa do bosque
  7. Cançao de ninar
  8. Regalitos
  9. O meu neno
  10. Nana do sol
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